Specialty medicine can be complicated. These drugs are handled with special care and that is why your general pharmacy cannot fill these prescriptions. We are committed to helping our patients throughout the entire process and providing the best possible care. We will help you every step of the way.

1. Once we receive your prescription, one of our trained staff members will contact you to discuss your treatment and answer any questions you may have.

2. We are in constant contact with your doctor. We ensure that your doctor is aware of the medications you’re receiving, and let them know if you’re having any negative side effects or problems.

3. We deliver your medication right to your doorstep or you can pick it up from our location – whatever is most convenient for you.

4. Since we help you deal with the insurance companies to ensure that your medication is paid for, you can have complete peace of mind while you’re on your way to a speedy recovery.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you have a positive experience throughout the whole process.