Mission And Vision

Sunexpress Pharmacy was founded by a team of professionals with several years of experience in the specialty pharmacy industry. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to our patients, doctors, insurers, and manufacturers. We’re not just any pharmacy. We’re your partner in ensuring that our patients receive the education and information they need and the care they deserve. We believe in providing a positive experience for our patients and ensuring that they get the medication they need in a timely fashion without hassle.

Communication And Technology

We are in constant contact with doctors throughout the entire treatment process and communicate with our patients regularly to ensure their treatment is going as planned. We work with the major insurance companies and help doctors with the pre-authorization process. We’re also able to provide valuable feedback to manufacturers since we’re an active partner to the doctor and patient throughout the whole process. We use state of the art technology and we have a proven system to manage the entire process of medication delivery.

Compassion And Caring

Our staff is provided with quality training to deliver compassionate care to our patients. At most pharmacies, the pharmacist’s job is to safely provide prescribed medication. At Sunexpress Pharmacy, our pharmacist goes above and beyond his or her call of duty. Our pharmacist is available to answer any questions that a patient may have and takes a special interest in ensuring the safety and treatment of our patients.